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Project: Tracking the tracks



Searching for exact locations




De eerste grote sportcomplexen, nog vóór er overal voetbalstadions verrezen, waren de wielerbanen. 

Ik ben op zoek gegaan naar alle 160+ vroegere plekken en fotografeer wat er nu is. Vreemd genoeg is dit nog nooit gebundeld. Individuele beschrijvingen zijn in archieven en bij plaatselijke geschiedkundige clubs nog wel te vinden. De exacte plek is vaak giswerk.   



The 20th century has seen the rise (before 1940's) and fall of track cycing in the Netherlands. At least 160 velodromes, either constructed with concrete or wood or even sand, were in place during the years. That is an extraordinary amount for such a small country. In the first half of the century, cycling races on public roads were expressly forbidden.

Most of these locations, spread throughout the country, currently represent the way the landscape has changed. Public space in Holland is hard to come by and intensely used. If the old cycling tracks laid on the edges of villages and smaller cities, their locations are now at the heart of the community. Partly evolved as multi-functional sports grounds, partly as industrial, housing or infrastructural developments.


For this project, I intend to research and visit all of these places and undergo it's surroundings and current use. The result could hopefully bring insight in social-political and architectural aspects.





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Project: Hier lag een wielerbaan